Layla Majnun bakal bersiaran di Netflix in 11 February ini

Highly anticipated Indonesian film Layla Majnun will make its global premiere on Netflix on 11 February 2021. Inspired by the legendary story of ‘Layla & Majnun’, this romantic drama portrays how love can bloom and grow despite all the traditional challenges.

Layla Majnun is directed by Monty Tiwa and stars Indonesian top actors Acha Septriasa and Reza Rahadian. This film reunites the three of them after their popular hit Test Pack: You’re My Baby. Alongside Acha Septriasa and Reza Rahadian are fellow cast members Uli Herdinansyah, Dian Nitami, Landung Simatupang, Beby Tsabina, August Melasz, Baim Wong and Natasha Rizki.

Layla Majnun follows the journey of Layla (Acha Septriasa), a religious, independent, highly-educated Indonesian scholar who falls in love with Samir (Reza Rahadian), a smart and romantic Azerbaijani man. Being trapped in an arranged marriage with Ibnu (Baim Wong), Layla now stands between two roads that she has to choose: following her heart’s desire or commit to a marriage she did not take.

Check out the heartfelt romance in the main trailer below. Don’t forget to catch Layla Majnun starting 11 February 2021, only on Netflix. 

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