VITS Helping Lockdown families in Sabah

KOTA DAMANSARA 17 Nov: VITS helping Lockdown families in Sabah under the enhanced movement control order (MCO) through the program organized by NGO Ops Harapan, partners Pos Malaysia and SME Association, sponsors from Bentoree Rice, Julies Manufacturing and VIT Makanan KL Sdn Bhd. 

VITS has been actively involve in helping community since March 2020 who are been impacting by the world pandemic attack of Covid 19. Back in March, Vits has launched VITS own program to help the senior citizens all over Malaysia who are impacted financially and are not able to move around during the Movement Control Order by the government.

24 000 packs instant noodles has been sent to all over Malaysia including Sabah Sarawak for this program. 

In May 2020, VITS has launched another program to support the frontliners which VITS have sent the Personal Protective Equipment PPE Gown to Hospital Kuala Lumpur. 

For this OPS Harapan founded by Ms Ng Yeen Seen, Food Aid To Sabah,  90 000 packs of Vits Noodles has been send to Sabah since 10 November 2020 and has arrived in Sabah land.

6000 packs has arrived in Tawau to more than 400 families in Samporna and been distributed through a volunteers group called Impactive Malaysia managed by Khairul Jamain in Samporna.

The balance of 84 000 has been sent to Keningau to be delivered to other places in Sabah.

We targeted and been informed more than 8000 families are in needs since the day one of the enhanced MCO in Sabah.  We are very honoured to be part of this program and we look forward to extend our help to the needy people as we believe we are all Malaysian and we should join hand in hand facing this pandemic issue together, said Mr Lai Yaeh Tat The Managing Director of Vit Makanan KL Sdn Bhd, VITS. 

He added currently, we were working with NGOs OPS Harapan to contribute and we are still raising some funds for other batch of delivery and help to be distributed to the people affected by the pandemic.

Let’s help each other #KITAJAGAKITA, said Mr YT Lai.  

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